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DAGIS (Increased Health and Wellbeing in Preschools) is a research project interested in energy balance-related behaviours (EBRBs) and stress regulation in Finnish preschool children (3-6 year olds). Energy balance-related behaviours include sedentary behaviours, physical activity, dietary behaviours and sleep habits. As well as studying preschool children, DAGIS will research the work wellbeing of preschool personnel.

DAGIS comprises of two phases. The first phase included focus group interviews, a pilot study and a cross-sectional survey. The second phase is an intervention.


DAGIS has three main aims:

  1. To improve EBRBs of children.
  2. To improve work wellbeing and the lifestyle of preschool personnel.
  3. To create preschool as an environment for healthy lifestyle and wellbeing for children and personnel.

The project is conducted in cooperation with Samfundet Folkhälsan, the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and the University of Helsinki. The progress of the project will be updated on these webpages. Scientific publications of the study are updated in the publications list.

If you have any questions about the study, you may contact the research group. Contact information is found here. The researchers can also be contacted via email:


Timetable and Methods of Study
Year Stage Description and purpose
2014 Focus group interviews Interviews with parents and preschool personnel were conducted.These were used to gain knowledge about children’s EBRBs at home and preschool.
2014-2015 Pilot study A pilot study was used to test questionnaires and measuring equipment planned for the cross-sectional survey.Information gained was used to adjust the study design for the cross-sectional survey.
2015-2016 Cross-sectional study A cross-sectional study is a study that analyses data that has been collected at one time point. Data was collected on children, parents, and preschool personnel.This stage was conducted to investigate  children’s EBRBs, the roles of home and preschool environments, and to research preschool personnel’s lifestyle and wellbeing.
2016 Workshops Participating parents and preschool personnel were invited to attend workshops.Workshops were used to update participants on the results of the cross-sectional study and to further develop methods for the intervention.
2017-2018 Project A 6 month project with a randomised controlled trial was conducted.  The project was based on the results of all the stages above.The intervention was conducted to attempt to improve children’s healthy EBRBs. Parents and preschool personnel participated in the intervention.